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Dec 8, 2022 - Dye Plant Class Material
JAMISON, JINA, 2019, "Dye Plant Class Materials",, UCLA Dataverse, V11
Class materials on using dye plants on wool and cotton
Dec 7, 2022
Diana Cardenas; Maira Hernandez-Andrade; Satavone Vanasouk, 2022, "Data Curation Profile Media Studies",, UCLA Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:HsuPh26k/APOQSvGcUx7Lg== [fileUNF]
Similar to how unique and sophisticated algorithms dictate Tiktok’s “For You” page, consumers’ choices are dictated by brand advertisements and corporate promotions. TikTok is a rising social media platform where users cultivate trends and niche communities in the form of video c...
IS262A Media Project(University of California, Los Angeles)
Dec 6, 2022
Dec 5, 2022
FULTZ, NEAL, 2022, "US Census 2020 R Packages (Beta)",, UCLA Dataverse, V1
This is a beta build for US Census 2020 R Packages
Dec 3, 2022
Urusa Ali; Jeanelle Wan, 2022, "Data Curation Profile- United States History/Cold War",, UCLA Dataverse, V1
This dataset focuses on the research data used in the United States History field. Since the scope of United States history is so broad, we have narrowed down our research to articles related to the Cold War era. The Cold War era spans from the end of World War II in 1945 to 1990...
Dec 3, 2022 - Diviner
Powell, Tyler, 2022, "Replication Data for: High-Resolution Nighttime Temperature and Rock Abundance Mapping of the Moon using the Diviner Lunar Radiometer Experiment with a Model for Topographic Removal",, UCLA Dataverse, V1
Global nighttime temperature and rock abundance maps of the Moon derived using the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) Diviner Lunar Radiometer. All maps are gridded at 128 pixels-per-degree (ppd) and span +/-180˚ longitude and +/-70˚ latitude.
Nov 16, 2022 - UCLA Law COVID Behind Bars Data Project
DOLOVICH, SHARON, 2022, "COVID-19 Visitation Policy by State (Prisons)",, UCLA Dataverse, V2
This data set was originally just a list created by Keegan Hawkins UCLAW ’21, in early March 2020 when prison systems around the country began to cancel visits. When we launched our open-source spreadsheet, this tab sat alongside Correctional Population Reduction Requests. We ult...
Nov 16, 2022 - UCLA Law COVID Behind Bars Data Project
DOLOVICH, SHARON; PALMER, JORDAN, 2022, "Covid-19 Fundraisers and Mutual Aid Efforts",, UCLA Dataverse, V3, UNF:6:fiPfjoFyKMguXjOSpPWJGQ== [fileUNF]
This data set was initially launched by Jordan Palmer, UCLAW 2021, who served as the first team lead of our Grassroots and Other Organizing Team. In investigating grassroots actions undertaken by incarcerated people and their loved ones and communities to draw attention to the pl...
Nov 16, 2022 - UCLA Law COVID Behind Bars Data Project
DOLOVICH, SHARON, 2022, "COVID-19 Related Youth Filings and Court Orders",, UCLA Dataverse, V3
Yasmin Taeger, the founding lead of our Youth Facilities Team, also sought to create a data set of court filings related to COVID in youth facilities, in part through the same strategies we pursued with the like efforts of the Immigration Detention Team. Although the data set in...
Nov 15, 2022 - UCLA Law COVID Behind Bars Data Project
Anamely Salgado; Elif Yücel, 2022, "COVID Safety Protocols by State in Juvenile Justice Facilities",, UCLA Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:ePWr1R7ny2TLV/UksVn8sw== [fileUNF]
This dataset was put together by the COVID Behind Bars' Youth Team to track which juvenile justice facilities published COVID-related protocol data, including required masking, distancing, and disinfecting.
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