Replication data for: Stable rate of slip along the Karakax section of the Altyn Tagh Fault from observation of inter-glacial and post-glacial offset morphology and surface dating (2020, in review for Journal of Geophysical Research).
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Apr 5, 2020
PELTZER, GILLES; BROWN, NATHAN D., 2020, "Karakax Valley Site 1 - OSL dating results",, UCLA Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:SaRfHYJx+2qJZotEqpWPzQ== [fileUNF]
OSL dating results for Site 1 described in the related publication. Excel file contains the dosimetry data in a conventional format with full details of the inputs required for a DRAC dose rate calculation. The calculation process can be found in the related publication and the D...
Jan 27, 2020
PELTZER, GILLES, 2020, "Karakax Valley Site 1 - Pleiades Digital Elevation Model",, UCLA Dataverse, V1
The file is a Digital Elevation Model of Site 1 described in related publication. It has been generated from Pleiades tri-stereo images (CNES, 2018, distribution Airbus DS) obtained via the ESA Earth Online data portal ( The images were processed into a DEM...
Jan 27, 2020
PELTZER, GILLES; Mériaux, Anne-Sophie; van der Woerd, Jerome; Ryerson, Frederick J., 2020, "Karakax Valley Site 4 - Cosmogenic dating results",, UCLA Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:mbCMpKSC655KHltiDqU6ow== [fileUNF]
The file CRN_TableSI_Peltzeretal2020.xlsx is an Excel spreadsheet with the parameters needed to calculate the model ages using the CRONUS online calculator version 3 ( The file CRN_Table2_Peltzeretal2020.xlsx is an Excel spreadsheet with the CRN...
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