“A language qualifies as a heritage language if it is a language spoken at home or otherwise readily available to young children, and crucially this language is not a dominant language of the larger (national) society… [A]n individual qualifies as a heritage speaker if and only if he or she has some command of the heritage language acquired naturalistically …, although it is equally expected that such competence will differ from that of native monolinguals of comparable age” (Rothman 2009:156)

Welcome to the Heritage Language Data (HELADA) Repository, a large searchable database of language data representing various languages, linguistic contexts, types, and modalities. The focus of the Repository is on heritage languages; however, the Repository also holds comparable data collected from second-language speakers and native speakers (or otherwise baseline speakers) of target languages represented in this Repository.

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Mar 17, 2023
MINEEVA, OLGA, 2023, "ACTR essays. Russian HL. Written texts. (PDF)", https://doi.org/10.25346/S6/DJYV9W, UCLA Dataverse, V1
Volume: 103 files Collected for: The corpus of essays was drawn from the annual National Post-Secondary Russian Essay Contest (NPSREC) sponsored by the American Council of Teachers of Russian (ACTR) Additional info: The proficiency levels are indexed as instructional hour ranges....
Feb 13, 2023
MINEEVA, OLGA, 2023, "TEST", https://doi.org/10.25346/S6/COVSJZ, UCLA Dataverse, V1
Aug 4, 2022
LUU, ALEX, 2022, "test 2", https://doi.org/10.25346/S6/FJ7YU7, UCLA Dataverse, V1
test 2
Aug 4, 2022
LUU, TRUNG, 2022, "test", https://doi.org/10.25346/S6/2KUD7N, UCLA Dataverse, V1
Aug 4, 2022
LUU, ALEX, 2022, "Link to The Polinsky Language Sciences Lab Dataverse", https://doi.org/10.25346/S6/F3YFAS, UCLA Dataverse, V2
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